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moved :)

i have moved my blog over to wordpress. i hate live journal's pop up ads everytime i log in, they changed the format when you log in, i no longer find it convenient to use. i have been playing with wordpress and they happily imported all my posts for me automatically so if there are old posts you like, they are still there with the same dates and information.

hopefully you follow me there

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potty obsessions

sick, i know.. being obsessed with body functions. but that is what happens when you potty train. seriously, it is all about his last visit to the potty. whether its "hurry mommy, hurry hurry." or "monster go pee mommy!!! monster go pee, hurry!" i so wish i could type out they way his says it, it makes me smile every single time.

angel, for years, suffered from chronic constipation (which i may or may not have ever mentioned, i have no idea) and monster is suffering the same thing. so it is something we need to keep an eye on and give him mineral oil for, with our gp's approval but he is to see a specialist next week.

last night, he was with me in my new sewing room and he disappeared. gone. so i called him and he had come back downstairs. i told him to come up right away, and i see him coming up the stairs with his pants around his knees. he had come all the way down to poop in his potty, and didn't tell me, but needed me to wipe his bum.

"i did it!! yay, mommmy, i DID IT!! i frush it?"

his reward is to flush the toilet when i dump the potty. whatever it takes, i'm telling you.

we even went shopping yesterday. our first excursion without diapers, first time out with him in underwear. he is awesome! and seems to have mastered the art of control, because that boy can HOLD IT! at daycare on wednesday, he peed once in 6 hours! i can't even do that LOL...

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potty training again

i have gotten completely consistent with potty training and he is great! but he is sure holding it for long periods of time and so few accidents! i am really proud of him and he is proud of himself. everytime he pees in the potty he stands up and yells "i did it!!! yay!!"

what a cutie pie!!

i am so happy that christmas and new years are over. back to the routine! i missed my routine, as happy as i was to have a break from it, it is so nice to have it back.

when angel was younger we had a huge issue with cronic constipation. it would appear that monster has the same issue, and his started before potty training. he has to see a pediatrician this month because i don't want to be giving him stuff to make him go/make it easier to go without a doctor knowing and approving. my GP says it is fine, but the pediatrician that helped us out with ehlana was amazing and i would rather he lay out a plan for me to follow.

monster is apparently still on christmas vacation time, i need to go wake him up :)

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potty training continues

well, on it goes. the boy managed to poop in the toilet, without telling me. he showed me his naked tushy, and said poo. i started frantically looking around the house for the little mess. nope.. all nice and tidy and nothing to clean. let me just say that is not the norm. i cannot tell you how many wet, poopy pants i have had to deal with in the last two weeks. i am getting tired of it. i know it will end soon, but really..... not soon enough. i am totally proud of him, he is fantastic, but the accidents are getting to me.

he is so cute when he runs for the potty screaming " hurry mommy, hurry hurry."

Angel is totally grossed out by the whole thing. After my screaming in happiness she informed me that it isn't as big a deal to an 8 year old as it is to a mommy. LOL... funnny girl.

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back to potty training

one of my other obsessions LOL.. potty training.. i am pretty sporatic. Friday Monster had two accidents, so i put a diaper on him, and thus he remained all weekend. i had high hopes for this week, to try diaper-less 3 whole days in a row. but yesterday i had to do some running around, and i can't do that diaper-less. let's just call yesterday a complete write off, ok?

first thing this morning, no diaper. when we had to take angel to the bus i put a pull-up on him and told him not to pee in it. he didn't, i took it off of him the instant we walked back in the door. he wasn't very happy about it. we had a few false alarms with him telling me had to pee and nothing came of it.. about an hour ago i was upstairs doing some tidying and i heard the toilet flush. i come running down stairsbecause you just never know what they have decided needs to go to down the drain.

the boy had pulled his pants down, peed on his potty, pulled up his pants, carried his potty insert to the toilet, dumped the pee, and flushed the toilet.. LOL.. obviously he gets it :) stinker.

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